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This report presents findings from a secondary analysis study undertaken as part of the follow-up to the 2010 Cambodia Demographic and Health Survey (CDHS).

This study used data from the Cambodia Demographic and Health Surveys (CDHS) conducted in 2000, 2005and 2010 to examine trends and differentials of contraceptive prevalence among women of reproductive age in Cambodia. It also examined the women's intention to use in the future among non-users, method conversion (between modern and traditional methods), and overall method discontinuation. Additionally, the study analyzed unmet need for family planning by type of needs reported by women (spacing or limiting childbirth), as well as its level, trend and differential. Women who are not currently using a method of family planning and who want to stop (limiting) or postpone (spacing) childbearing are those who can be classified as having an unmet need for family planning.