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My story amongst 7 billions

On 31 October 2011, the world population reached 7 billion. Having based on the research document of the United Nations' Statistical and Demographic Office, it shows that in 1804 the world population was 1 billion. And 123 years later (in 1927), the population increased to 2 billion and it continued to grow to 3 billion in 1959 and kept increasing to 6 billion in 1999. A forecast has also been made for the next 14 years (in 2025). The result shows that the figure will be increased to 8 billion and it will ultimately reach 10 billion by 2083.

An increase in population brings both challenges and opportunities. The increase provides great opportunity for business and social economic development. Tapping into a wider pool of energetic and talented resources enables businesses to increase productivity, build competitive advantage and improve economic growth. Youth are the successor persons and the ones who could change societies and the world by getting people to live in peace, with development and dignity. The youth makes the relationship closer to each other and brings modern technologies and creative thought. While the world population has reached 7 billion, there have also been 7 billion different stories.

For the economy, the challenge is to generate growth and financial resources required to meet their needs in such a way that would be in harmony with the natural environment.The question is how will we cope with this increase in age group and turn it into a solution? Special efforts by all sectors will be required to make it more possible for this economically productive age group to be able to find economically useful and personally challenging work once they enter the labor market, through providing them with skills and knowledge that meet market demand so that they can be gainfully employed.

The contribution of Cambodian youths' stories shows us that an increase of population to 7 billion is focusing on not only the numbers and figures, but also the opportunities, issues and contributions of each person among the 7 billion people. Cambodian youths have contributed to brainstorming ideas and activities by sharing their own stories and experiences they have. In addition, their stories could well be suggestions as solutions and recommendations to their peers both in Cambodia and the world.