National Guidelines for Managing Violence against Women and Children in the Health System

No. of pages: 84

Publication date: 2017

Author: Ministry of Health/UNFPA

This is the first guideline in Cambodia to provide guidance on the establishment of health care services for women and children survivors subjected to intimate partner violence and sexual violence. The National Guideline is a valuable standard tool for health managers and health care providers on the national standards required to ensure high-quality and comprehensive health services are provided to women and children survivors, and the community.
គោលការណ៍ណែនាំនេះ មានគោលបំណងធានាថា ស្រ្តី​ និងកុមារដែលធ្លាប់ទទួលរងអំពើហិង្សា ឬការរំលោភបំពាន ទទួលបានការឆ្លើយតបពេញលេញ មានប្រសិទ្ធភាព និងគ្រប់ជ្រុងជ្រោយពីប្រព័ន្ធសុខាភិបាល និងបញ្ជូនបន្តទៅទទួលសេវាថែទាំសុខភាពសមរម្យ រួមទាំងធនធានរបស់សហគមន៏ផងដែរ។