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The National Strategic Development Plan 2014-2018 is a development framework and a road map for the implementation of Rectangular Strategy Phase III that lays out the political commitment to a socioeconomic development process. It outlines visible and realistic actions, programmes and projects that strive to make its people educated and healthy, living in harmony within the family and society. Its puts forth the principal of aim of maintaining peace, political stability, security and social order to promote rule of law and protect human rights and dignity, sustainable long-term equitable economic growth and increased outreach, effectiveness, quality and credibility of public services.

Based on the lessons learned and results achieved in the Fourth Legislature of the National Assembly, the Royal Government of Cambodia recognized that the Rectangular Strategy for Growth, Employment, Equity and Efficiency is still crucial and suitable for Cambodia to pursue its implementation by keeping the four angles, expanding the coverage, and prioritizing the policies and mechanisms to be more concrete as the Rectangular Strategy Phase III, which ensures development sustainability and poverty reduction in response to the aspirations of the people and both national and international new contexts.

NSDP 2014-2018 has been formulated for the implementation of the Rectangular Strategy Phase III with the identification of the priorities, indicators and timeframe for the implementation and with the identification of mechanism for the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Result Framework, especially setting the responsibility of the line ministries and agencies within each angle in order to gain high benefits from ASEAN Economic Integration in 2015 and to move out of the Least Developed Countries and to be become an Upper-Middle-Income Country in 2030. For the preparation of NSDP 2014-2018, the RGC has used the existing procedures and mechanism as for the preparation of NSDP Update 2009-2013 and spent a longer time period improving this national plan.