Secondary Analysis on Women's Experience of Domestic Violence and Other Forms of Violence

No. of pages: 78

Publication date: September 2016

Author: MoWA/UNFPA


Over 30% of Cambodian women had experienced physical, sexual, emotional or economic intimate partner violence experience in her lifetime.
There was a high degree of overlap in physical and sexual intimate partner violence experience. The majority of women who experienced sexual intimate partner violence experienced both physical and sexual intimate partner violence.
Key factors associated with Cambodian women’s experience of intimate partner violence included:
o Her intimate partner was often intoxicated
o Her intimate partner displayed a higher number of marital controlling behaviours
o She was fearful of her intimate partner
o Low education for both the woman and her intimate partner
o The respondent reported that her father had beat her mother when she was young
o There was a higher number of live children.
Divorced / separated women were more likely to report violence experiences, raising the possibility that either the violence was a reason for leaving their intimate partner or that the women felt more free to be able to talk about the experiences as a result of leaving their partner.
Survey participants most often sought, and received, help from family members, friends and neighbours.
The women who experienced intimate partner violence in the previous 12 months as a proportion of those who had ever experienced intimate partner violence reduced over time, suggesting that the violence was either more likely to cease or the women became more able to leave their violent partner.