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The report presents the preliminary findings from the 2014 Cambodia Demographic and Health Survey that will be used by policy makers to evaluate the demographic and health status of the Cambodian population in order to formulate appropriate population and health policies and programs in Cambodia.

The 2014 CDHS reveals current information on demography, family planning, maternal mortality, infant and child mortality, and health related information such as breastfeeding, antenatal care, delivery, children's immunization, childhood diseases, and HIV/AIDS.

Following the other three successfully conducted surveys in 2000, 2005 and 2010, the 2014 CDHS survey provides data to monitor the population and health situation. Specifically, this survey collected information on a broad range of demographic, health, and social issues such as household characteristics, utilization of health services, maternal and child health, breastfeeding practices, early childhood mortality, maternal mortality, nutritional status of women and young children, fertility levels and preferences, marriage awareness and use of family planning methods, sexual activity, and awareness and behavior regarding AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.