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28 July 2020

Remarks by Mr. Daniel Alemu, UNFPA Representative, a.i

Remarks by Mr. Daniel Alemu UNFPA Representative, a.i During the Consultative Workshop on E-learning Platform in Cambodia Phnom Penh, Cambodia Excellency Prof. Eng Huot, Secretary of State,... Read more

11 July 2020
Population Census reaches remote parts of rural Cambodia, here three-generation family captured.

Wold Population Day 2020 "The Time is Now to Accelerate the Promise for Women and Girls"

H.E. Dr. Ing Khantha Phavi, Minister, Ministry of Women’s Affairs of Cambodia, and Head of the Royal Government of Cambodia Delegation to the Nairobi Summit in 2019. H.E. Mr. Chea Chantum, Secretary... Read more

11 July 2020

Peace in the home: safeguarding the health and rights of women and girls – even during COVID-19

Statement by UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem on World Population Day   Peace in our world begins with peace in the home, as the United Nations Secretary-General stated in his call for a... Read more

30 June 2020
Press Release

Confronting the silent and endemic crisis of harmful practices

30 June 2020, NEW YORK--Every year, millions of girls are subjected to practices that harm them physically and emotionally, with the full knowledge and consent of their families, friends and... Read more

18 May 2020
Press Release

UNFPA Provides 1,670 Dignity Kits for Cambodia’s Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

  Phnom Penh – UNFPA, The United Nations Population Fund in Cambodia provides 1,670 Dignity Kits along with communication materials to assist the National Committee for Counter Tracking (NCCT) of the... Read more

17 May 2020

Break the silence! UNFPA's Statement for the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights speaks to the universality of human rights. Everyone, everywhere, is entitled... Read more

5 May 2020

Protecting Mothers and Babies from COVID-19 in Cambodia

Pert Vorn, a midwife working in rural Cambodia, remembers a time when women in villages throughout the country had no access to proper sexual or reproductive care.  Women would give birth on straw... Read more

11 July 2019

Reproductive rights & gender equality essential to SDGs says UN Population Fund, Government

    PHNOM PENH –Twenty-five years have passed since that landmark conference, where 179 governments, including Cambodia, recognized that reproductive health and gender equality are essential for... Read more

10 April 2019
Press Release

We must work harder to secure sexual and reproductive rights for all

New York / Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 10 April 2019— The global reproductive rights movement that began in the 1960s transformed the lives of hundreds of millions of women, empowering them to govern their... Read more

15 March 2019

Crossing the river

In Khmer language, people have always referred to baby delivery as ‘Crossing the river’. Meaning that the lives of boat riders depends on the weather – they could be safe, or things could go wrong.... Read more