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30 October 2013

Cambodian Youth Discuss Teenage Pregnancy As Global Report is Released Worldwide

"If a couple are in a stable relationship together but the girl has many pregnancies and many abortions, is this a problem?" was one of the many questions asked at the launch of the State of World... Read more

28 August 2013

Youth Photo Exhibition Echoed the International Youth Day Theme: “Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward”

LY Polen, a 27 year-old medical student and avid photographer was delighted and proud when awarded the winning prize at the launch of a photo exhibition in celebration of International Youth Day... Read more

30 June 2013

Cambodia: Innovative and Critical Thinkers in Programming

The UNFPA strategic plan focuses on staff having new a skill set such as negotiation skills, critical thinking, result-based management, leadership, assertiveness, monitoring and evaluation to... Read more

30 May 2013

Civil Society Consultation: Debating on Cambodian Priorities for the Global Development Agenda Beyond 2015

In 1994 Cambodia signed an agreement at the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, Egypt in recognition to the basic needs and rights of the individuals, together with other... Read more

6 May 2013

Messages from UNFPA Representative in Cambodia on the International Day of Midwives

Skilled Midwives, Primary and Secondary, praticing in the hospitals and health centers have made a great difference for women and children in Cambodia. They save thousands of lives. Remarks by Dr.... Read more

14 February 2013

Youth Talk on Family Planning on the Launch of the State of World Population Report 2012

Phnom Penh, Cambodia: "By choice, not by chance" is chosen as theme for the UNFPA State of World Population Report 2012, which was launched worldwide on the 14 November. The report was launched in... Read more

30 November 2012

Cambodia: decades of silent suffering

"These are the consequences that I experienced as a result of having a child", says Mrs. Sah Sin, 58 years old at the Chenda poly-clinic in Phnom Penh. She was referred by the Children's Surgical... Read more

13 November 2012

Parliamentarians launch the Strategy for Population and Development: ICPD and MDGs reflected in the CAPPD Strategic Plan

The Cambodian Association of Parliamentarians on Population and Development, CAPPD on 10 October 2012 launched the strategic plan 2012-2017 to promote the rights and address the needs of the people... Read more

1 February 2012

Near Miss - The Real Story Behind the Statistics: The lives of Sinorn and her 6th child would have lost without Sophy

Lek Dek, Cambodia: Walking back and forth inside a one floor concrete building between her room and the ward, Ms. Duk Sophy, a midwife in the Kor Ky Thom Health Centre in Lek Dek district, about 50... Read more

9 September 2011

Urban Reclassification on Track: Programme planners and implementers met for the population data reclassification

Phnom Penh, Cambodia: More than 100 programme planners and implementers from key line ministries, planning departments, capital, provincial, municipal and local authorities met for a workshop on... Read more